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  • A Natural Undertaking

    Carrie Weekes (left) and Fran Glover. Possibly the most un-funereal undertakers that you could find, these two women have quietly set about bringing funerals into the 21st century since they created A Natural Undertaking in 2014. Now in its third year, the Birmingham company has gathered awards and accolades along the Read more [...]

  • C. Waterhouse & Sons

    The firm comprises of two businesses, ‘C. Waterhouse & Sons’ and also ‘Heathfield Funeral Service’. Established by Charlie Waterhouse in 1926, the family business is still based in the pretty cottages in Burwash where he lived and worked 90 years ago, and his daughter Dorothy remains fully involved with the Read more [...]

  • Neville Funerals

    Neville Funerals may have been serving the people of Luton and Bedfordshire for over 140 years, but they are not standing still nor taking anything for granted. Still family run, Neville Trust, led by the fifth generation, has overall control of the both the funeral business and their construction company. Read more [...]

  • Family Tree Funeral Company

    James Showers and Jane Diamond. Quite possibly, both of them will find the prominence of their names in this review uncomfortable. They share an instinctive preference to be in the background rather than the foreground, seeing their roles as being supportive and professional rather than centre of attention. James founded Read more [...]

  • Rosedale Funeral Home Bungay

    The Rosedale Funeral Homes – there are seven locally – are all owned by Anne Beckett-Allen and her husband Simon. Anne was born into the funeral business, worked for several of the big corporate companies, and now revels in the freedom of independence. One of the highest qualified funeral directors Read more [...]

  • AJB Funerals

    Previously known as Bewley and Merrett, the company changed names in 2018 to reflect the people who actually own and run the company, and in 2020 rebranded to become AJB Funerals. Aaron Bewley and his dad Jonathon are the third and second generation funeral directors who run this company, although Read more [...]

  • Leverton & Sons Ltd

    The Leverton family has been arranging funerals for people in this part of London since 1789. Yes, they’re now into their eighth generation; they’re steeped in heritage, drenched in history. This makes them an attractive-seeming proposition. After all, a good old family business is exactly what most of us hope Read more [...]

  • Special Send-Offs

    Mark Hancock, BSc (Hons). Special Send-offs is his creation, and is dedicated to his late mother in law, Muriel Humphrey (Mu). When Mu died in 2015, after a long battle with Alzheimer’s disease, Mark realised that his wife’s family were moving towards the standard sort of funeral that would have Read more [...]

  • Barnes and Hicks

    Funeral Director/s: Ray Barnes – this is his business, founded in 1999, although Ray’s family have been funeral directors in the area for the last century. Barnes and Hicks have two branches, one in Shepherds Bush and the other in Hounslow. Ray started working in the family business in 1991, Read more [...]

  • W.E. Pinder & Son Ltd

    John Pinder is the owner and the principal funeral director here. How did he get to be a funeral director? By following in the footsteps of his great-grandfather, grandfather and father. This is a good old family business firmly rooted in its community. For John it was the example of Read more [...]