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Funeral Directors Category: London

  • Owners / Funeral Directors

    Nick and Jacqui Taimitarha, a husband and wife team with a completely fresh new approach to funeral directing.

    The couple both come from backgrounds in events and marketing, formerly working with independent businesses to help them reach the public and improve their profiles, both online and in the real world. They were very good at this, and it was during this time that  the dusty world of funeral directing caught their attention asking themselves why they had to all look so dark, Victorian and unappealing, and  realising the majority were in fact no longer independent but owned by a corporate.

    As is so often the case when creative people first encounter the traditional world of funerals, they had an experience that left them feeling profoundly unhappy with what they describe as ‘a bad funeral’. When a close friend died, their funeral was impersonal and formulaic – there was no sense of the person whose life had ended, and this left both Jacqui and Nick feeling let down. The death of a beloved parent some time later put them into the position of having to arrange a funeral themselves, and they both felt instinctively that neither a traditional style funeral nor a direct cremation would be the right thing for them.

    After frustrating conversations with funeral directors that didn’t want to deviate from a full service funeral the couple took control and organised things themselves,  holding a private, intimate cremation service, with just a few family members attending which was followed by a beautiful memorial service a little while later  – the perfect and fitting solution which worked for them and their families and friends, but something that happened because they knew what they didn’t want, and were able to ensure that the funeral took the shape that was right for them.

    As a result of their experience, they began looking into the sector, and the more they understood about how it operated, the more they began to feel that this was something that could benefit from a lot of improvement in approach, customer service and image – all things that they knew a great deal about. They also recognised just how important and rewarding it could be to be involved so closely with clients who may be going through one of the most difficult experiences of their lives, and this sense of purpose and importance had a magnetic attraction for both of them.

    As they researched the hitherto unexamined sector, amidst the many traditional FDs they found, Nick and Jacqui began to come across one or two shining examples of people approaching funerals differently – modern progressive companies like A Natural Undertaking and Poetic Endings. They were delighted and inspired to find that others felt just as they did, and they set about making contact with some of these people and exploring the world of alternative funeral directing.

    The more they learned, the more it became apparent that opening their own funeral business with a modern approach was exactly the right thing to do. Although it was a big risk to completely change direction in middle life, both Jacqui and Nick knew that this was something meaningful and important, and they set about finding ways of making it happen.

    The practical aspect of opening a funeral business dictates that premises are required – people who have died need to be looked after somewhere, and people needing to make funeral arrangements have become used to going to a high street premises to do so. For many new funeral companies, the huge overheads of finding a home for the business are a major barrier to entry, and an ongoing concern while they try to become established against other familiar names in the area. In the area of South East London where Nick and Jacqui live by the Thames, property prices are sky high, so the thought of finding somewhere suitable and affordable was a challenge.

    Undaunted, Nick and Jacqui found a way round this. They found a local independent funeral director who would be willing to allow them to use their facilities to care for people who have died, and overcame the problem of a high street presence by basing the White Rose office in a bright, beautifully designed co-working space in Causeway House in Teddington.

    “We did wonder how families would respond visiting us, as we are not a traditional high street shop,” said Nick, “Everyone who has come here has expressed relief that the environment is restful and normal. We figure that when people visit our website, they will already see that our style will be different, and that is what they want.”

    Clients who need to make arrangements for a funeral can either meet Nick and Jacqui by appointment at their private office, or they will happily come to you at your home. (If you want to meet with them at Causeway House, do ring them first to make sure they are there – with just the two of them involved with White Rose, it is very likely that they’ll be out and about, and the last thing they would want is for someone to be sitting waiting for them while they battle back through the London traffic.)

    White Rose Modern Funerals is now well established in an area of London where large corporate companies operate almost all of the funeral businesses, often masked by old local names. Local FDs have become used to seeing them supporting families at crematoria, standing out from the array of black suited undertakers in their smart and stylish navy or grey attire – at funerals Nick wears a smart suit while Jacqui will be in a stylish coat dress, while for their ‘No Fuss’ family led ceremonies, they wear less formal, smart dark  trousers and grey branded jackets.

    The couple aren’t afraid to admit that until quite recently they were ‘funeral virgins’, but they have immersed themselves into learning how the funeral world operates, asking questions and making friends as they go, and constantly gathering knowledge and understanding. They have good connections with other, more traditional funeral directors, and work closely with a nearby company, sharing their excellent mortuary and facilities.


    Specific Gravity

    As you would probably expect given Jacqui and Nick’s backgrounds, the look and feel of this business reflects their values and ethos completely. They have a simple, straightforward approach to what they do, but everything is carefully thought through, and has purpose and meaning – and the whole thing looks exceptionally good.

    Their attention to detail is extraordinary, and by arriving in the world of funerals with an understanding of the importance of how little things really matter, they have been able to add in elements to their service that make a huge difference.

    As an example of this, typically they will enlarge a photograph of the person who has died and display it at the funeral ceremony with a candle alongside it. If there is a reception after the funeral, they will travel on to the venue and set up a memorial table there with the picture and candle and the casket spray, creating a focal point for the gathering, and also ensuring that friends and family have a chance to appreciate the flowers.

    They also provide garden twine, so guests can create small posies from the main display to take home with them – so much better than the flowers wilting unseen on the ‘floral terrace’ of the crematorium. And the close family have a special candle to take away with them, one which is indelibly connected to the person whose coffin it flickered alongside during their funeral ceremony.

    Simple and meaningful – this personal approach isn’t costly in monetary terms, but it demonstrates the understanding Nick and Jacqui have of how important thoughtfulness is and how you don’t need to spend a huge amount to make a funeral special. It has been hugely appreciated by the many families who have found their way to White Rose.


    What’s important?

    Personal service – with this small company, you will deal with Nick and Jacqui throughout, and you can be certain that while they are looking after someone for you and helping you create the funeral that works for you, they will be focusing all their efforts on making sure you are given their complete attention.

    Communication is everything, and this is what Nick and Jacqui do so well – they are personable and friendly, and they make use of all means of communication to ensure that every client is kept completely informed – phone calls, e-mails summarising any meetings of changes, and family WhatsApp groups to keep everyone connected to the funeral up to date with the arrangements.

    What’s also important is taking off the pressure – by choosing White Rose, you will find yourself at a simplified starting point, with clear, straightforward and transparent information and supportive, friendly people to help guide you. It’s then up to you just how much help you need to shape the funeral that works for you. Nick and Jacqui feel strongly about minimising unnecessary costs, all your options will be clearly explained whether your preference is for a low-key funeral with no fuss or for an occasion that requires a lot more ideas and detail. With this company, it’s not about the amount of money you’re spending, it’s about making sure the funeral you have is the one that works for you.


    What’s different?

    A completely person-centred approach to funerals. Everything about White Rose Modern Funerals starts with you, the client. They work for you and with you, and will be as supportive and involved as you need them to be. When they meet a family, their approach is to start each time with a blank sheet of paper, and no assumptions, and they will help you explore what you want the funeral ceremony to look and feel like. They can offer lots of suggestions to help you shape the funeral that will work for you, and they have a very creative approach – they’ll be able to offer lots of ideas and suggestions, if that is what you need.

    Their prices are clearly displayed on their website, starting from the bottom up so that you know straight away what the base starting price is and the essentials included, and you can then add in or change various alternatives to suit your family and your budget.  For many families this straightforward uncomplicated way of indicating costs is exactly what they need. For others who might want to choose a different means of transport or a different coffin, for example, all options or alternatives are clearly priced individually, ensuring complete transparency.



    • Your first call will be answered by Jacqui or Nick. And it will be Jacqui and Nick who will come and collect the person who has died and take them back to the mortuary they share in
    • Home visits? Unless you want an appointment at Causeway House or somewhere else that is convenient for you, they’ll meet you wherever suits you.
    • Same sex person to wash and dress? Both Nick and Jacqui would usually be involved in looking after the people in their care, but if it’s important to you that only people from the same sex do this then either of them can get assistance as required.
    • Embalming? Not something that Nick and Jacqui agree with in most cases – they question why it is routinely done by so many funeral directors.
    • Ethnic / cultural specialism? No specialism per se, but absolutely happy to work with families from any ethnic or cultural background.
    • Local celebrants? Nick and Jacqui have built up a team of around ten officiants that they are completely trust in, and they will make suggestions after listening to you carefully. They always sit in on ceremonies.
    • Vehicles– secondary in importance to the ceremony, although clean, smart and reliable. White Rose have access to a Daimler hearse or a Ford Galaxy, or can arrange any alternative vehicle that clients prefer from external suppliers.
    • Website – lovely website. Lots of information if you want it, but not presented in an overwhelming way, easy to navigate and fully transparent, with prices laid out clearly.
    • Client support First class throughout all the time from first contact with either Nick and Jacqui through to their bringing you the ashes of the person who has died if the funeral was a cremation. In the future, the couple are working on plans to help connect people who have been bereaved, and they are looking at ways of doing this in their local community.
    • Money matters – Superb value for the personal service you receive. For their current prices click here for White Rose cremation costs, and here for their burial costs
    • Parking If you arrange to meet Nick and Jacqui at The Causeway, you’ll need to find parking locally, on street parking is available all around, and information about car parks can be found


    This is how a modern funeral director in the 21stcentury looks.

    They’ve kept their overheads low, their terminology simple, their approach centred around the needs of someone who has just been bereaved, and their prices transparent and fair.

    Their service is entirely personal, calm, straightforward and kind, and they have introduced a creative, fresh new way of supporting families to arrange funerals.

    If you want a traditional style funeral then they can do this for you without a problem, and at a fair and reasonable price. If you want no fuss at all, then they will look after the person who has died equally as well as any other person in their care, and you will have as much support as you need. Or if you want to create an entirely personal ceremony to acknowledge the ending of a life of someone you love, then Nick and Jacqui are just the kind of people who you’d want to have helping you.

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    Tracey Dass
    4 years ago

    White Rose Modern Funerals provided an excellent service from start to finish. They stepped in at very short notice and were much more competitively priced than other funeral directors in Teddington. Nick and Jacqui were such a pleasure to work with under very difficult circumstances. Nick and Jacqui were extremely professional, but above all their compassion and temperament shone through. The personal level of care was outstanding. They visited our home to discuss arrangements several times and were so considerate to the grief and loss the family was experiencing. No task was too small, which often involved them both working late nights to accommodate a very short notice funeral. Their attention to detail was very much appreciated. I am so glad we used White Rose as they really relieved stress and pressure at a time you could really do without it. I would highly recommend White Rose and even more so Nick & Jacqui.

    Bea Vickers
    4 years ago

    White Rose were extremely helpful and efficient, and also provided a friendly and compassionate service at a terrible time in our lives. I would thoroughly recommend them.

    Tim McMullan
    4 years ago

    I really recommend White Rose to anyone who wants a simple and beautifully organised funeral. Nick and Jacqui were absolutely perfect for us. Well organised, totally reliable and completely ‘got’ what we wanted. My wife, whose funeral it was, contacted them before she died, and they did their utmost to honour what she wanted, both in spirit, and in practical execution. I cannot thank them enough.

    Marie and Emma Cameron
    4 years ago

    From our very first meeting with Jacqui and Nick myself and my daughter felt comforted and supported by two people who were genuinely interested and concerned that the funeral proceedings reflected the personality of our dear James. Their creative suggestions (including the outsource companies they work with) encapsulated the style of funeral we wished to achieve. From the florist’s country flowers to the lovely idea for each guest receiving a white rose with attached label to personalise a message to be laid on the coffin at the crematorium. Their suggested placement of photographs within the Order of Service left ourselves and our guests with a beautiful lasting memory. No detail was overlooked such as arranging guest transport between the venues which left us able to focus on our speeches and our guests. At an extremely stressful and emotional time Nick and Jacqui gave us peace of mind and we would thoroughly recommend their services.

    atusa behseta
    4 years ago

    Dear Jacquie and Nick
    On behalf of our family we would like to thank you for the hard work you put together into helping us arranging a a beautiful and fitting send off for our dad/granddad. You have been very fair in your pricing for the whole event. We can see the difference having people as caring as you makes to a family at one the most difficult and overwhelming times. .
    You have made us proud. Many guests/ attendees complimented us on the beautiful funeral service and we received great feed back on how organised it was,
    We will not hesitate recommending you to anyone who would need your services. Andrew made a huge impact as well. The three of you were a significant part of the day and we are forever thankful.

    Best wishes

    From Kelly, Delara, Atusa, Farshid and the rest of us at Behseta Family

    Heath Jackson
    4 years ago

    These guys have a fresh approach and are very open about costs. They are lovely genuine people, responsive and regarding their organisation, the proof was apparent on the day. It went perfectly and we felt relieved, uplifted and well supported.

    4 years ago

    Jacqui and nick were just wonderful and made what was such a ghastly event into a warm loving and caring moment for us. The tea was the most brilliant idea and an immediate comfort and together we decorated my mothers wicker casket with sweet peas and Solomon’s seal which looked beautiful. Their suggestion of Putney Vale crematorium was a perfect setting and intimate and without the queues of other people or sound of any mechanics. They then recommended a great spot for breakfast at the windmill on Wimbledon common.
    throughout our dealings they were professional and on the day supportive behind the scenery without being intrusive. jacqui has a gentle soothing voice which makes one feel that everything is going to be alright and it was.
    . i was so lucky to find them and my mothers send off was very very lovely. hard to imagine such a phrase but it was true.
    i have already mentioned jacqui and nick to several other friends who have lost their parents this year and i wish them much success in their business. they deserve it.
    thank you for everything.

    Jo Fishwick
    4 years ago

    We used White Rose Modern Funerals for our dear Dad’s funeral. From start to finish, they were simply wonderful. Efficient, competitively priced, accommodating and incredibly kind, patient and thoughtful. I could not recommend them highly enough.

    Catherine Hokin
    3 years ago

    White Rose Modern Funerals recently organised a funeral on my behalf that was filled with compassion and professionalism from start to finish. Arranging anything like this during Covid is fraught, and we had both complicated family circumstances and tight timescales to manage, but we felt supported throughout. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

    Jenna O'Sullivan
    3 years ago

    We unfortunately lost our Dad in August 2020 to a Cardiac Arrest. Upon searching Funeral Directors local to his home, we came across White Rose. We started out with some searching across 3 different FD however upon conversation with Jacqui, mum’s mind was made. I recall her saying ‘I won’t bother with the rest’. They then carried out a home visit which blew us away.

    Nick and Jacqui are attentive, sensitive, trustworthy, personable and respectful. Nothing was too big at any stage and they were always on hand to support us from setting up a What’s App group for the family, to arranging small details for Dad’s funeral and beyond. Even changing our minds was never an issue.

    We were worried about the choice of funeral directors on the basis that we didn’t want Dad to be be just a number on a sheet, especially during Covid-19. Choosing White Rose wasn’t just a right decision for us, it was a piece of Dad’s puzzle that needed to happen.

    Dad’s passing was never treated as just a number. In fact he was always the most important part of the whole journey and we put that down to the way Nick and Jacqui approach life, death and business.

    Choosing White Rose, for us, was wholeheartedly the best decision and we are grateful for the support, professionalism and care White Rose showed (and even now after the funeral has taken place).

    We thoroughly Recommend White Rose and will consider to do so in the future.

    Sarah Pepper
    3 years ago

    We would really recommend White Rose Funerals to anyone looking to arrange a funeral. We chose their ‘ No Fuss family led service’ for my sister. We were so pleased we did, and everyone agreed it was a lovely service. Jacqui and Nick were great throughout the whole process and helped us with ideas and suggestions. Thank you both so much.

    Gemma Knight
    3 years ago

    We can’t thank White Rose enough for their professional, personable and efficient service. They helped us create the final goodbye we envisaged for my husband/dad. Our first impression was they didn’t offer the rigid ‘corporate package’ service that is the norm. We were greeted in our home by a warm and friendly couple who cared about us. We were able to contact them 24/7 through messaging, and nothing was too much for them. We highly recommend using White Rose funeral services.

    Katharine Gilbert
    3 years ago

    Jacque and Nick helped to make a challenging time into a lovely memory for our family. It was a huge help for us to work with a friendly, capable, and caring team with all the current restrictions. It was essential to our family to video stream the event so friends and family around the globe could attend, and to coordinate this took some planning. At the funeral, great care was given by Jacque and Nick to the entire family and attendees. 

    Simon gilbert
    3 years ago

    An excellent funeral service indeed. The right amount of sympathy and understanding whilst ensuring all the details we’re taken care of. On the day arrangements were also of the same very high standard.

    David Bagott
    3 years ago

    The service from White Rose was excellent from the start. It was not only very efficient but sensitive and respectful of our wishes. The funeral itself went very smoothly and was a beautiful event. We were able to have something that was very special and very much us.

    Yee chow
    3 years ago

    We can’t recommend White Rose enough. They did a wonderful job with helping us organise my grandmothers funeral amidst a pandemic. 

    We were a little worried about possible issues during the planning process as I’m based abroad and my sister in the U.K. But we had nothing to worry about. From the get go Nick and Jacqui made it effortlessly easy for us. Our first meeting was over zoom and subsequently further contact were over WhatsApp and email, which meant we were all in the loop at all times. Nick and Jacqui were always at hand over WhatsApp to answer any questions, coordinate, point us in the right direction with the funeral processes and communicate what was happening in the process every step of the way. 

    Nick and Jacqui are both very approachable and professional and nothing was too much. They were warm, supportive and proactive from the start. White Rose were the first funeral directors we spoke to and we felt so well looked after and heard we didn’t even bother looking elsewhere. Thank you again Nick and Jacqui for helping us plan a beautiful farewell for our grandmother. 

    3 years ago

    When you suffer bereavement, however it happens, you need someone truly kind, who understands exactly what you are going through and what your needs will be.
    Nick and Jacqui were not ‘out of the office’ when I called them, sobbing, in the early hours of the morning. I felt as if they were supporting me from that moment, right until the final flower was placed at the graveside.
    They arrived, quietly and sensitively, treating my mother with respect and tenderness. I knew she was in good hands. With complex negotiations, a burial out of the area and multiple unusual requests, to adhere to the family’s wishes, everything was seamless and nothing felt like too much trouble. While their invoice may have been lower than expected, their service was far and beyond my expectations.
    Nick and Jacqui’s gentleness and sensitivity was seamlessly combined with an efficiency and skill at organising, negotiating and ensuring everything ran smoothly. We felt that the day belonged to our family and we’d said our goodbyes in just the way we’d wanted. I can’t thank them enough.

    Debra La Bouchardiere
    3 years ago

    Really practical but sensible guidance and help – especially during this particularly difficult Covid time – we felt encouraged to choose how we wanted to say goodbye, not at all pressured into anything. Jacqui and Nick made the whole process as easy as it could possibly have been.

    Mary Vass
    3 years ago

    We were very pleased that we chose White Rose Modern Funerals to arrange the service for a dear elderly friend.
    As we had little information on our friends wishes, Jacqui and Nick were very helpful with their suggestions for her funeral.
    The Vicar they directed us too was wonderful, she came to our home and completely grasped the essence of our friend. We would never have found her without Jacqui and Nick.
    I would highly recommend Jacqui and Nick, it was a very personal service from start to finish, they even attended the funeral which was lovely.

    Ana Novakovic
    3 years ago

    We found White Rose Modern Funerals on this website in the midst of the Covid pandemic. I would not hesitate to recommend them. Jacqui and Nick were always available, endlessly patient, anticipated what we’d need to think about, and offered helpful suggestions that we invariably followed – for example, about what we might include in an informal family-led service. They understood and facilitated the sort of funeral that would suit our family, and made a huge difference at a difficult time.

    Simon Lindesay-Bethune
    3 years ago

    You guys absolutely ROCK – there is nothing you could have done better. You went massively above and beyond expectations and, in my opinion, are the benchmark of what all funeral directors should aim for

    Carole Croft
    2 years ago

    No parent expects to plan a funeral for their own child. It is the worst possible nightmare for a mother and father. We were faced with this following the tragic death of our son. Decisions had to be made about what we wanted and, more importantly what we didn’t want to happen. We wanted a celebration of life – not some stuffy, old fashioned traditional funeral. We were so pleased to find Jacqui and Nick at White Rose Modern Funerals. Everything we wanted was arranged seemingly effortlessly by them. We didn’t want a celebrant who had never met our son, constantly referring to notes during the service and Jacqui and Nick encouraged our elder son to take the lead and speak from the heart. We didn’t want a traditional coffin, and were offered an exciting alternative that reflected him so well. Nothing was too much trouble. The day was unforgettable, for all the right reasons and this was, in no small part due to the efforts of Jacqui and Nick who we heartedly recommend and thank. The day was never going to be easy but White Rose Modern Funerals made it that little bit easier. Thank you.

    Kelly McMulkin
    2 years ago

    Jacqui and Nick were so lovely to deal with, and gave a really personal service after my Dad passed away.
    It was really nice to have their more flexible approach, my dad would have wanted a very low key affair, and they offered exactly this. Their prices were also better and meant we could pay for what we needed instead of paying for all the frills we didn’t want.
    Thank you very much, I will definitely recommend you.

    2 years ago

    I initially choose White Rose as out of all the funeral directors I had called and spoken to Jacki was the most personal and made me feel like she genuinely cared about getting all arrangements right for me and my family. It was clear I was getting a very bespoke and personalised service where by there was great focus on high ended service delivery. Jacqui did not disappoint, she took the stress and the worry out of every little detail and was always 2 steps ahead of me with everything. I can not recommend White Rose enough, when you are laying someone to rest you have to have trust that they are in the best hands and in people that truly care. White Rose really do go above and beyond and you couldn’t wish for your loved one to be in safer hands. The pricing was good and Jacqui made sure that any costs that were not required we did not incur, or save money without comprising on the quality of the funeral.

    Denise Douet
    2 years ago

    White Rose modern funerals were recommended to us by a close friend who had previously used them.

    They provided an excellent service and made the whole process of a very difficult time a whole lot easier.

    Nick and Jacqui are very professional full of compassion and a pleasure to deal with.
    They even conducted the service in an area which was probably a little far for them to travel but they were more than happy to accommodate.

    We would highly recommend them and would like to thank them for the wonderful service provided.

    Neville & Denise Douet

    Simon cheng
    2 years ago

    Having spoken with Nick and Jacqui about the funeral of my father-in-law, both my wife and I felt very reassured, and supported by them.
    They were always available on the other end of the telephone, or would respond very quickly via WhatsApp or text to any queries we may have.
    They made a very difficult time a lot easier and everything went very smoothly on the day.
    They have a very sincere and personal approach and I have no hesitation in recommending White Rose Modern Funerals.

    Thomas Jones
    2 years ago

    Nick and Jacqui helped us through a very difficult time when organising our mum’ funeral after she unexpectedly passed away earlier this year. 

    I had not organised a funeral before and after searching for a funeral director in our mum’ local area we found White Rose. After the initial conversation we were put at ease, they were professional, attentive and guided us through the process and explained by all of the options clearly.

    I would highly recommend White Rose Modern Funerals.

    Becky Scarrott
    2 years ago

    Nick, Jacqui and Lucy (our celebrant) were just wonderful. They saw us during Easter Bank Holiday weekend – when nobody else would – and were incredibly thoughtful, calm and accommodating when planning the service for my little sister; a terribly sad event that they dealt with in a loving and kind way. If you want the service to match the person, I urge you to choose White Rose. Nick’s photo package, shown during the service, was perfect, as was the natural, airy venue (GreenAcres, Chiltern) Lucy’s service and the booklet Jacqui created to accompany it. These little touches are everything. I cannot rate Nick, Jacqui and Lucy highly enough and I am grateful to have found them. Hopefully, now you have, too

    Henrik W
    2 years ago

    When my wife suddenly passed away six months ago, shattering our lives, my two children and I had no idea of how to go about arranging a funeral service and the options available to us. Flicking through the ‘Teddington TW11’ magazine I happened to see the advert for White Rose Modern Funerals. I called their number and spoke with Jacqui. Immediately it was clear to me that we were going to be in good hands.

    Due to Covid all our meetings were done via Zoom. It worked very well. Jacqui and Nick provided the most attentive guidance and help in arranging the funeral service. All our wishes were catered to, including video streaming of the funeral service to family and friends in Denmark. It all helped us tremendously during a very difficult time when one’s ability to think straight is reduced.

    We had a 5-star experience all round, including from a value for money perspective. Should you be in need of funeral directors I highly recommend you give Jacqui a call.

    ruth mellor
    2 years ago

    White Rose provided a seamless service, kind, professional from start to finish. Sound sympathetic advice, a really refreshing experience during a sad time. Nick and Jacqui recommended a perfect celebrant, assisted with music, order of service and photo selection the whole funeral was perfect thanks to them we were very pleased as a family.

    Yvonne Holley
    2 years ago

    In the days leading up to the death of my darling mother I was struggling with choosing a Funeral Director. I kept looking but none seemed right. I will forever be thankful to the Celebrant who recommended White Rose Modern Funerals. As soon as I saw the website I felt a huge sense of relief as I knew immediately they were the ones for us. I called and spoke with Jacqui and my feelings were confirmed. With their empathy, caring, professionalism, advice and ‘way of being’ both Jacqui and Nick guided and helped me through the worst time of my life. Nothing was too much trouble and they offered solutions to all of my concerns. They played such a huge part that, for me, I can now look back on that difficult time with a sense of calm and peace. I thank them sincerely and highly recommend them.

    Henrietta Lewis
    2 years ago

    I had researched funeral arrangements before my mother died as she had been ill for some time and I wanted to be prepared. When I came across White Rose Modern Funerals they just seemed right to me so when the time came I made the call and right away knew I’d chosen well. Jacqui was simply amazing: reassuring, warm, compassionate and efficient and I can’t sing her praises highly enough.

    We opted for a direct cremation as per my mother’s wishes, but weren’t made to feel like cheapskates, instead Jacqui treated us like royalty with incredible warmth and kindness. I was genuinely touched by her input at such a sad time.

    I simply can’t recommend White Rose Modern Funerals highly enough – Jacqui was a wonderful source of comfort and support through the most difficult of days.

    Cheryl evans
    2 years ago

    Great friendly team at a very hard time
     very willing to listen to what my late partner Tony wanted and went above and beyond to help me achieve his wishes All the help made getting Tony’s send off right Visiting me at home in Bracknell to save me the trouble of driving to Teddington 
    helping to arrange one last drive down church street twickenham passing by Toe knees shoe repair and giving all his customers a chance to pay their respects to a very well loved man 
    I could never thank you guys enough nothing was too much trouble even the odd requests and every detail was checked 
    Thank you very much

    N Murray
    2 years ago

    I highly recommend White Rose Modern Funerals. They were extremely professional, compassionate and supportive during the difficult time of saying goodbye to my dad. Nick and Jacqui were patient with all our questions, guided us with a family led service which was perfect for dad and made everything run smoothly. They are highly organised and have great attention to detail. We would have been stuck without Holly’s help in chasing up paperwork. Our family are so glad we went with White Rose Modern Funerals, as it was a beautiful celebration of dad’s life, and we really appreciated their guidance and support.

    2 years ago

    My mother recently pass away and I had the unenviable task of hiring a funeral director. My wife and I contacted a number of companies from a list we made but it was a no-brainer as to who we chose, most companies we spoke to would determine their tone of engagement based on the value of services being enquired about, except for White Rose. From our first point of contact till we received my Mothers ashes we were dealt with in a most professional, understanding and kind manner, there was never any hint of insincerity in any of our communications with Nick or Jacqui.
    I can truly say that at a time when my world felt like it was upside down and in chaos I felt only relief in the knowledge that Nick and Jacqui from White Rose were dealing with my mothers’ funeral arrangements in a respectful and timely manner. Thank you Nick and Jacqui, dealing with you has been a blessing. 

    Lucy Abercrombie
    2 years ago

    From the moment I first spoke to Jacqui on the phone after my mother’s death, I felt sensitively supported and in good hands. Jacqui, Nick and Holly were attentive and attuned, and made the complicated business of “producing” a funeral seem straightforward, relieving us of a great deal of stress and allowing the family to focus on ourselves and each other. It was a great relief on the day to know that everything was in hand and to have complete confidence that it would all go smoothly. Sad as it was, the funeral was everything we had hoped it would be – thank you White Rose Funerals.

    Alice Kealy
    2 years ago

    White Rose Modern Funerals arranged my sisters cremation for me. Jacqui was outstanding, her helpfulness, care, compassion and attention to detail was second to none. I am based in the Republic of Ireland and due to Covid restrictions and my own personal circumstances I was unable to travel to the UK to arrange the cremation. Jacqui attended to everything for me, from sending me the relevant documentation, arranging the cremation, collection of ashes, and assisted with the repatriation of the ashes.
    It was like having a friend to do everything that was necessary. I cannot recommend White Rose highly enough, they were outstanding, and if I ever need an undertaker based in the UK I will have no hesitation in picking up the phone to them on the future.

    Kathryn P
    2 years ago

    I really can’t recommend White Rose highly enough, they provided an outstanding service throughout. They organised my dad’s funeral and Jackie really spent time with my brother and I helping guide us through the overwhelming process.
    She really understood the type of funeral we wanted and all of her suggestions were thoughtful and exactly right.
    The funeral was an incredible day, it couldn’t have gone better and a big part of this was White Rose. Thank you so much Jacqui and Nick

    Carol Trigg
    2 years ago

    White Rose were excellant in handling my sisters funeral late February. They were very sympathetic and lisitend to all our requests and made the serice managble in the day

    Eilidh Hansson
    1 year ago

    Exceptional service at a very difficult time. A compassionate and endlessly helpful team. Cannot recommend White Rose enough.

    Hayley Lipscombe
    1 year ago

    White Rose handled my mother’s funeral amazingly and exactly as per her wishes, I couldn’t fault them on anything. The care and compassion they showed us at a horrible time was lovely and so friendly.

    Highly recommend White Rose. 

    Annie Walder
    1 year ago

    White Rose lead us through my husband’s funeral with such gentle care and tenderness. The service was was just so simple and yet so appropriate. After dreading the thought of the occasion we almost wanted to go through it all over again.
    Nothing was too much trouble.
    I would whole heartedly recommend them.

    Julian Haxby
    1 year ago

    I found White Rose prompt, imaginative, flexible and supportive in helping me to arrange my father’s funeral. They worked with me efficiently and calmly. I appreciated their reasuring approach. The preparations and conduct of the funeral arrangements all went without the slightest hitch.

    Sharon Hobbs
    1 year ago

    I would recommend white rose 🌹 they were very patient, caring and understanding. Nothing was too much trouble. Holly was so lovely when my dad passed away along with jacqui, seeing my dad in the Chapel of rest wasn’t a morbid experience. Jacqui had made him look gorgeous and his beard smelt devine. Lovely little family run undertakers. I would definately recommend. Jackie and nick also come out of their way and dropped off dad’s ashes to my home 40 minuite drive away. So lovely of them. 😇

    Lisa McTaggart
    1 year ago

    Someone I trust recommended White Rose. Relating to my job I have attended very many funerals and they all seem to be very sombre and grim. I didn’t want this for my husband’s funeral. For my initial meeting with Holly (who was extremely helpful) I didn’t have to go to some austere funeral directors – they are based in a hub building in Teddington. She told me I didn’t have to have coffin bearers at the Crematorium and I didn’t even have to have a hearse – both of which are very sombre. We arrived at the Crem and the coffin was already in place. Nick did a fantastic job of putting together the ‘memorial montage’ to music (once I had sent the photos). They all were brilliant at the ceremony, being helpful but again not with really long faces! I know my husband would have thoroughly approved of his funeral and how it was handled. Thank you so much

    Maria Oshodi
    1 year ago

    In July 2021 my dearest mother passed away in a South London care home after years of living with dementia.  On her death the care home automatically passed my details onto the firm of funeral directors connected with the home. I found that they came across rather fake and were inflexible regarding their types of funeral packages available. After a bit of research on the net we found White Rose. From the moment we made contact with Nick and Jacqui, we found them both clear, kind and efficient.. all the things you want at such a confusing and emotional time. I loved the range of natural and more traditional options their service offered, including contacts with the most sensitive and professional celebrants for humanist services. In this way we met Lucy who was a real gift regarding presenting a totally personalised event for my mum.. which is what she would have wanted. I am registered blind and I found Nick and Jacqui so communicative and respectful, from explaining the process in detail, to helping with what was needed to make everything run smoothly from the flowers to the live streaming facility. They really partnered with us to make my mum’s final journey the best it could be. They seem to really care and have offered great follow up opportunities for their grieving clients for months after the funeral, knowing that the funeral is just the start of the grieving process… I would recommend White Rose to anyone!

    David Eden
    1 year ago

    We were recommended White Rose, as an alternative to a more traditional establishment. That’s not to say that White Rose could not offer the usual ‘trimmings’ typical of most funerals. However, their ‘modern’ approach gave us the freedom to completely rethink the ceremony and basically, they would accommodate. Amazing! Along with the permission to design our own bespoke arrangements, they backed our wishes up with exemplary service, sensitive communication and up-to-date technology. Together, these elements made the whole experience a joyous celebration of our loved ones’ life.
    It all begins with a ‘put you at ease’ face to face meeting where you can challenge all the stereotypes of funeral arrangements and get what YOU really want. Nothing is too much trouble for this family business! The personal touches and efficient ‘steering’ from start to finish was never too much trouble for White Rose. For example, what funeral director would, when asked, take all the flowers to the Wake venue and stick around as long as we needed them?
    In addition, their resources included an associated celebrant, who was excellent, and suggestions of Wake venues to suit and even catering ideas!
    We used their ‘one stop shop’ and couldn’t fault it!
    Finally, their charges were very reasonable, with no extra expenses added that weren’t agreed from the outset.
    Thank you, White Rose Modern Funerals for turning our sorrow into joy!

    Richard Stanier
    5 months ago

    White Rose Modern Funerals provided exactly what we wanted, they gave us with the type of event my family and Father wanted, no fuss friendly and professional . No one wants to be arranging a funeral but with this company’s help it was pleasure .

    Nargis Ahmad
    4 months ago

    Huge thank you to Jacqui and Nick at White Rose, for helping me to arrange a beautiful funeral for my mum. They made the decision processes so much easier with regard to venue, flowers and service. Both Jacqui and Nick have a wonderful calm and tender understanding towards grief that is priceless.

    chris clough
    4 months ago

    The whole process was quick, easy and all the staff were extremely friendly and efficient.

    I can’t praise the service higher, especially as, naturally, it is a stressful time in one’s life.